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No Expectations is a community platform where individuals can come together to share their personal stories and experiences for personal growth. The blog welcomes submissions from anyone, regardless of age or location, as long as the post is original and not previously published elsewhere, including the author's own site.

The focus of No Expectations is on authentic and personal writing that connects emotionally with readers. Posts should provide deep insights that go beyond cliches and oversimplifications. When applicable, posts should also offer practical tips and action steps for readers to overcome similar challenges.

Contributing to No Expectations provides an opportunity for writers to reach a wide audience through email and social media. The community is highly responsive and provides a rewarding experience through comments and emails. Each post includes a brief bio with links back to the author's website, and featuring a post on No Expectations can help increase traffic and subscribers to the author's blog.

To contribute to No Expectations, writers should aim for a word count between 1,000 and 2,000 words and include a quote at the beginning of the post. The post should share a specific personal story with intimate detail and provide insights and tips to help readers overcome similar challenges. Writers should avoid referencing their blog, coaching practice, book, or speaking career in the body of the post and reserve self-promotion for the bio.

If a submission is a good fit for No Expectations, the writer will receive a response within two weeks. Writers may be asked to revise their post, and the title may be changed before it goes live. Posts may also be edited for clarity, grammar, and style. Topics of interest at No Expectations include mindfulness, gratitude, spiritual journeys, the discipline of yoga, Buddhism, and living with no expectations.

Submit requests to andrew @ ahh-ahh .com

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