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Andrew Bio
Andrew H. Housley
Photo of Mojave Desert by Andrew H. Housley

Andrew H. Housley

A personal story

In search of experience.

A constant force of energy, Andrew can be found planting Victory Gardens, trekking across deserts, creating music, composing poetry, discussing Zen, or writing novels - a true Renaissance man and spiritual seeker. 

At the age of 17, through the guidance of his older brother Chris, he discovered the path of Zen Buddhism. His journey with the practice has taken him across oceans and deep within himself. As a Zen Bodhisattva, he works towards helping others find their own path without reward.


He was practicing the discipline of yoga before it was popularized and became a teacher soon thereafter. He is affectionately known as "The Machine" for his ability to push himself with a single-minded focus to achieve any goal he sets for himself. His holistic approach to life, fitness, spirituality, and love resonates with all. 

In his debut novel, Waiting Impatiently, Housley takes readers on an introspective journey of self-discovery, described by critics as "thoughtful, raw, and downright engaging." His words are a powerful mirror, reflecting the deepest corners of the human soul.

Housley's latest work, Invisible Sun, is a poignant exploration of mental illness and the often painful consequences of choice. With a clever hand, he unravels the complex tapestry of brotherly bonds, belief systems, and the intricate web of interconnectedness. In this absorbing narrative, the lines between reality and illusion blur, leaving readers enthralled.

As an author, Andrew H. Housley skillfully combines his passion for writing with his profound life experiences. His books are a testament to the complexities of life, relationships, and the enigmatic human condition. Each story is a rich tapestry of relatable characters and narratives that are both thought-provoking and profoundly meaningful. In Housley's words, readers find not only stories but mirrors reflecting their own experiences and the universal truths that bind us all.

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Jen Bio
Jen S. in Warrior II asana
feet in clear water

Jen S.

"I am Jen and I am you."

Life Without Expectations

Jen's yoga journey began long before she realized it - a soul-searching for truth and understanding in a world that was often hard to understand. She was raised in foster homes, adopted as a pre-teen, spent some time as a youth in a Christian fundamentalist cult, and eventually set out on her own path to healing. The practice of yoga asanas quietly welcomed her to space to heal and grow, and she considers herself a yogi on a never-ending journey.


She is a wife and mom to three - currently in the "always on the go" stage of parenting. She works part-time at a local bicycle shop and volunteers in various local non-profits and in her kids' school and sports.


As a self-described 'recovering panic and anxiety addict', she often escapes into nature to reconnect to herself and the universe. She enjoys mountain biking, hiking, music, being in bed by 9pm, and sharing a good cup of coffee with friends.

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