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5 Mini Routines to Help Build Your Daily Routine

Written by Sujata Shah

It is important to have a daily routine to develop good life-long habits. Life-long habits don't seem like a big deal now, when you are young, but as you get older you will realize that good habits keep you performing better at work and allow you to enjoy life to its fullest.

I have learned that even bad habits become a part of your daily routine and once a routine is formed, it is difficult to re-train yourself to do something different so why not start with some

good routines?

How to Start

  • Start building mini routines for times of the day, parts of your house, or work

  • Each mini-routine should be less than 10-15 minutes

  • Here are 5 sample mini routines. Find what works for you then do it every day. If you miss a day it's okay but go back to your routine as soon as you can.

Morning before your leave your bedroom

  • Wake up

  • Make your bed (cleaning the space around you)

  • Drink water (drinking water helps you poop!)

  • Short meditation or prayer to give gratitude for the day (keeps you feeling happy)

Evening when you get home from work

  • Change out of your work clothes (changes your energy and frame of mind)

  • Put away the things you took to work in their proper place, don't leave them in the car

  • Take out and wash your lunch box and water bottle


  • Pack your lunch for the next day

  • Clean up the kitchen (no dirty dishes in the sink)

  • Short meditation or prayer to give gratitude for the day

Kitchen - before you leave your kitchen to do anything else:

  • Put back anything you took out

  • Wipe down counters

  • Wash any dishes in the sink

Work -before you end work

  • Reply to and file emails as soon as you receive them

  • Clean your desk before leaving work

Keep it short and simple. Be mindful and intentional when you complete each task and don't be too hard on yourself. Do it with no expectations.

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