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The More We Attune to Peace, the More Radiant Our Lives Become

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

How to Tune in to Your Inner Peace and Shine Your Light in the World

The more we attune to peace

Peace is not something that we can find outside of ourselves. It is not a state of mind that we can achieve by following a set of rules or practices. Peace is our true nature, our essence, our birthright.

But how often do we forget this? How often do we get caught up in the drama of our thoughts, emotions, and circumstances? How often do we let our peace be disturbed by the noise of the world?

The Zen proverb reminds us that peace is always available to us, if we only tune in to it. Peace is like a radio station that is always broadcasting, but we need to adjust our frequency to receive it. Peace is like a sun that is always shining, but we need to clear the clouds that obscure it.

How do we attune to peace? There are many ways, but they all have one thing in common: they require us to be present, aware, and open. They require us to let go of our attachments, expectations, and judgments. They require us to accept what is, without resisting or reacting.

Some examples of ways to attune to peace are:

  • Meditation: Sitting quietly and observing our breath, our sensations, our thoughts, and our feelings, without trying to change or control them.

  • Mindfulness: Paying attention to whatever we are doing in the present moment, whether it is eating, walking, working, or talking, without being distracted by the past or the future.

  • Gratitude: Expressing appreciation for everything that we have and everything that happens to us, without taking anything for granted or complaining about anything.

  • Compassion: Feeling empathy and kindness for ourselves and others without judging or blaming anyone.

  • Forgiveness: Releasing any resentment or anger that we hold towards ourselves or others without holding on to any grudges or grievances.

  • Love: Giving and receiving unconditional love from ourselves and others without expecting anything in return or attaching any conditions.

When we are attuned to peace, we experience a sense of calmness, clarity, and joy. We feel connected to ourselves, to others, and to the source of all life. We realize that we are not separate from peace, but we are peace itself.

And when we are peace, we radiate peace. We become a positive influence on the world around us. We inspire others to find their own peace. We create a ripple effect of harmony and happiness.

The more we attune to peace, the more radiant our lives become. And the more radiant our lives become, the more we attune to peace. It is a virtuous cycle that can transform our lives and the world.

So let us attune to peace today and every day. Let us remember who we really are and what we are here for. Let us shine our light and share our peace.

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