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No Expectations

Explorations & Conversations About Spirituality


Discover how to live with more awareness and intention by joining No Expectations, the podcast that explores topics such as mindful living, spirituality, yoga, and zen. Take a deep dive into our blog and browse through our articles to access valuable tips and studies on how to achieve a more balanced and mindful life.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

The Podcast

Serious Conversation

It All Began With A Conversation...

This podcast was born from years of coffee shop discussions on yoga, zen, finding yourself on a spiritual path, and everything beyond. The universe aligned our paths via a yoga studio where Andrew was teaching, and Jen was a new student, just a few short weeks before the world shut down in the wake of covid19. From small group online yoga classes to meeting at parks and outside coffee shops, our student/teacher relationship developed into a friendship that developed into creative collaborators. Our conversations circle around the many aspects of being on a spiritual journey.

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The way down is up; the way in is the way out.

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A teacher and a student.

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Great Faith. Great Doubt.

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